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Ping calls from abroad: How to react?


Ping calls from abroadRecently, so-called "ping calls" have been occurring more and more frequently among Austrian mobile customers. These are calls from abroad that usually ring for only a few seconds and then stop immediately. The calls are made by automated computers that simply call one random number after another. So it can happen that within a few seconds several people get such a ping call one after the other.

Ping calls are very annoying and can cause uncertainty. But even worse is that you can lose money - if you react wrong.

Therefore, let's take a look at what ping calls are in detail and how Austrian customers should react in the following article.

What are Ping calls?

Ping call rings

Ping calls are nothing more than pure spam.

Mostly, numbers from faraway countries like Burundi, Tunisia or Morocco appear. Behind these numbers hide scammers who run special computer programs.

These computer programs randomly dial numbers from Austria, Germany & Co. As soon as a dial tone is heard, the scammers know that it is a real number. This is then saved in a list.

It is difficult to prevent the scammer from ringing a dial tone. After two or three rings, the caller hangs up.

Notice: With ping calls, the scammers not only test various numbers - they often also arouse curiosity in the person called. Many people then call back.

Why are ping calls dangerous?

Ping call dangerousThe danger of ping calls is that they can cost the called party very dearly.

If you call back, you are dispatched by a recorded message. The longer you are on the line, the more expensive your phone bill can become. The scammers earn their money with this.

Sometimes the numbers are also camouflaged and you only realize at second glance that it is a foreign number.

For example, if someone calls from Tonga, the area code could also be mistaken for that of T-Mobile at first. (Area code of Tonga: 00676 / Area code of T-Mobile: 0676)

How expensive can be a recall?

It depends on the country the scammers are calling from.

Basically, however, it can get very expensive quite quickly - for some numbers the charge is more than 2? per minute.

There have also been cases reported where prepaid card customers have received an SMS warning from the mobile network provider because of such ping calls that almost the entire credit has already been used up.

What I can use against ping calls do?

Stop ping numberThe best method is to block ping numbers on the smartphone.

Android and iOS devices support blocking individual numbers. This means that calls from these numbers are simply no longer displayed.

Besides, it makes a lot of sense to delete the ping numbers from the caller list. After all, it can happen very easily that you touch the number unintentionally and thus call back.

Another option is to contact the mobile phone provider. This can simply block the connection for calls from abroad.

Notice: Telekom Regulierungs GmbH has issued a Hotline against ping calls set up.

FAQ: Short questions, short answers

How do I personally recognize a ping call?

If it is a foreign number and the cell phone rings for only a few seconds, it is most likely a ping call.

Oh no, I took off by mistake! What now?

As a rule, there should be no additional charges for incoming calls from abroad. However, you should still check your next bill carefully.

How do I report a ping call to the broadcast authority?

RTR has set up a complaints office. On the web site, complaints can be submitted via the Registration form a complaint can be filed. In this way, Austrians can be better protected from ping calls in the future.

Where can I check phone numbers?

On the website Phone phone numbers can be checked for their seriousness. If ping calls were reported by several people, the number is automatically displayed as unserious.

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