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Car loan calculator: The best car loans in comparison

Find the best car loan in our car loan calculator. Compare now & save money!

Car loan: What should I pay attention to?

How to get the car loan you want

In order for the bank to approve the loan, your creditworthiness must first be checked. Therefore, when applying for a loan, some documents are required. The exact documents differ from bank to bank.

Does it recommend taking out a car loan now?

Austria is located in the European Union and is a member of the Eurozone (Eurosystem). As a result, the Austrian currency is tied to the key interest rate of the European Central Bank. The ECB's key interest rate is currently a whopping 0.000%.

As a borrower, you benefit from this: Such a low key interest rate ensures very favorable loans and thus stimulates the economy at the same time. It is not clear when the ECB will raise the key interest rate again. This means for consumers who need a loan: strike quickly before the interest rate goes up again. Now is the perfect time to take out a loan.

The key interest rate over time.

The key interest rate over time.

What are the costs of buying a car?

Young car buyers often only look at the price of the vehicle when buying a car. However, it is important to remember that there are some other costs involved in the purchase.

The first costs that will be noticed directly after the purchase are the insurance costs. These depend on a number of factors, e.g. the no-claims class or the car.

A few days after the purchase, you will soon have to refuel. The fuel costs should not be underestimated: Especially people who drive to work every day will feel the hole in their wallets. That's why you should buy an economical vehicle (also for the sake of the environment).

The last point worth mentioning is the cost of repairs. Especially used cars with high mileages start to weaken at a certain point and have to go to the mechanic again and again. Visits to the workshop can be expensive even for seemingly minor defects.

Which cars are particularly fuel-efficient?

As a young driver, the best way to save money is to buy a fuel-efficient car. If the vehicle has low fuel consumption, you can drive around a lot without having to stand permanently at the gas station. This is practical and easy on the bank account.

The AUTO BILD has July 2017 presented particularly economical runabouts. In the category of subcompact cars, the Skoda Citigo the best, with the small cars of the Renault Clio and in the compact class of Toyota Prius in the plug-in hybrid variant.

Are there alternatives to car loans?


With leasing, you only pay for the use of the motor vehicle per month. However, as a customer you have to be careful, because high additional payments can occur if the leasing provider detects high wear and tear or too many kilometers driven.

Zero percent financing

With zero-percent financing, you first pay a down payment, then the monthly installment repayment and at the end again a higher final installment. The main advantage of zero-percent financing is that the individual installments can be freely structured.

Car loan comparison: FAQ

Short questions & answers about the topic

How quickly will I get my car loan?

Basically, if all credit checks are successfully completed, you can receive approval for a car loan after 1 to 5 days. Compared to other credit options, this is fast and usually uncomplicated.

However, if there are problems with processing, the duration may increase. Then it can be that you have to wait several weeks for the feedback of the bank.

How much car loan do I get?

It depends on the monthly income. The longer you set the term, the higher the monthly loan can be.

However, banks are very cautious about loans nowadays and you should not expect too much from the future car loan with moderate income.

Can I buy accessories for the car with the car loan?

Again, this varies from bank to bank, but in principle it does. However, some banks allow the use of the loan only for the purchase of the car. As a customer, you should find out exactly what the loan is for before you take it out, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

However, a loan for the car is more flexible than a classic loan, because you have more leeway in financing.