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Bitcoin halving is coming: here's what bitcoin investors can expect now

Bitcoin Halving

Note: This article was published on 07.05.2020. If you take a look at the news and various social networks, one thing quickly becomes clear: In recent weeks, interest in Bitcoin has risen significantly again. A decisive reason for this is the Bitcoin Halving, which awaits us (from the current perspective - 07.05.2020) on May 12, 2020. This [...]

Open a share deposit account: The guide for Austria

Open a share deposit account in Austria

Opening a share deposit account is easier than ever in the age of the Internet. A few clicks are all it takes to start your own securities account for shares, ETFs and co. Even within Austria, there are now a growing number of online brokers that allow every online user to start their own securities account. Anyone who wants to trade on the stock exchange [...]

Profit from falling prices?

Corona Virus Shares

The coronavirus held the world and the stock market in 2020. Experts predicted it years ago at the time, and now it has happened: A previously unknown virus has spread from Wuhan, China, across the globe. Containment of the virus in the near future seemed unrealistic at first - The global [...]

How to invest 10,000? Use current crisis?

For many investors, 10,000 euros represents the basic amount at which it is worthwhile to start looking intensively at investment opportunities. In contrast to smaller amounts, 10,000 euros can be more broadly diversified than smaller investment sums. The keyword "costs" plays a very important role here: Since online brokers are more expensive in terms of transaction and order fees [...]

Buy or trade gold: Great guide - 4 options

Buy gold

Whenever there is talk of stable means of payment that are also supposed to be crisis-proof, the topic of gold comes up very quickly in many discussions. It is true that gold is also subject to fluctuations - but in times of crisis, gold usually increases in value quickly, because people are then looking for a safe haven and want to buy gold. [...]

Instant credit Austria: Fast loans for all?

Instant Loan Austria

Everybody needs a financial grant from time to time. Sometimes the car breaks down, sometimes you urgently want a new smartphone. When there is not enough money in the account, more and more private individuals take out an instant loan. This is a loan with a smaller sum of money that you get relatively quickly and then gradually pay off. But is it worth [...]

What is online trading and how does it work?

What is online trading and how does it work?

For a long time, the financial markets were reserved for professional traders. Private individuals had no chance to enter the trading market. Fortunately, that has changed. Today, you can bring Wall Street into your own living room with just a few clicks. More and more online trading exchanges are sprouting up. But what is online trading? How does it work? And above all: Can I use it [...]

What is Libra?

What is Libra?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are on everyone's lips and are being traded more and more frequently. It couldn't have taken long for Facebook to follow suit. With Libra, the social network has created its own virtual currency. But what exactly is Libra and what distinguishes the online money from the other cryptocurrencies? Find out here. That's the Facebook Coin [...]

How much money should you save?

How much money should you save?

We live in seemingly secure times: The average wage is high and the population is (mostly) doing well. But such times can quickly be over. As recently as the last National Council election, many politicians warned of an impending recession in Germany that could also threaten the domestic economy. More and more Austrians therefore want to save and save part of their [...]

Work from anywhere: 12 location-independent jobs

Location independent jobs cover

In times when one's own work-life balance is playing an increasingly important role and many people no longer want to spend their entire lives sitting in an office from "nine to five," location-independent jobs are becoming more and more popular. These are jobs that can be performed anywhere in the world via the Internet. The Internet has only made this type of work [...]