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Minikredit Austria: Top 5 | Cashper & Cashpresso Alternative

Minikredit Austria: Top 5

Sometimes you just need a little money, which you can get quickly with mini loans. Mini-loans do not involve huge sums, but rather three- or small four-digit amounts. There are also providers in Austria that offer these small loans. In the following list we look at the best 5 mini-loan providers in Austria [...]

Top 5 CFD brokers in comparison

Plus 500 demo account

Since the crypto boom, more and more people are interested in online trading with stocks, indices, options and even cryptocurrencies. While buying real shares involves some complications, trading CFDs allows a quick and easy entry into the world of trading. In this article we present the top 5 CFD brokers and [...]

Buying a car on credit: Good idea?

Buy car on credit

Whereas new cars were often paid for in cash in the past, customers nowadays usually opt for special financing models. These include, for example, buying on credit or leasing. But is it advisable to buy a car on credit? In this article we clarify the answer to this question. Difference between leasing and credit leasing More and more [...]

Learn trading

Learn to trade

When people think of the world of the stock market, they often think of high profits, risk and action. Speculating with money and other valuable objects has fascinated mankind for centuries. Nevertheless, only very few people dare to get involved in stock trading. For many, the risks are too high and their own money too valuable. Yet (with [...]

Trade shares: Advisor & Tips

What are shares?

Especially in times of great upheaval, people look for sensible ways to invest their money. Once you have decided on a good investment path, you can reap the rewards after a few years. As an example, one only has to look at the purchase of shares: Who at the beginning of the Internet age invested in shares of Google, Apple, [...]

What are the trading strategies?

As already mentioned in various other articles, as a trader you need a strategy to be successful in the long term. The strategy must be built in such a way that you can follow it on a daily basis. If executed correctly, one should close more than 50% of the positions with a profit in order to make profit. Here we present 3 classic [...]

Part-time jobs from home Austria: Top 16

Side jobs from home guide

To earn quick money from home, Matched Betting is one of the most lucrative side jobs from home in Austria. You can earn 200 euros in one hour of work. You don't need any previous experience and you don't have to place the bets yourself. Also you do not have to deposit any money. The business is also completely legal [...]

Free checking account in Austria: comparison of the top 5

Have you had enough of your bank's account management fees? An average checking account in Austria costs between 5 and 15 euros per month, depending on the state and the bank. There are some good free checking account providers in Austria and we have taken a closer look at them. In this article, we present you the top 5 free [...]

Switching accounts: How to switch your account in 4 easy steps

Many price comparison sites and comparisons in the press show that you no longer have to pay a lot of money for a checking account. Many accounts are even available without a monthly account maintenance fee - completely free of charge. So it's worth comparing and researching - after all, switching accounts is quick and inexpensive banks usually offer a high level of service. In the following article, we'll show you step-by-step [...]

Paying with credit cards: What about security?

The credit card is one of the most practical means of payment. It can be used at most cash registers, but is also suitable for online shopping and for booking a rental car on vacation. But how secure are credit cards? Why do consumers in some cases prefer to use alternatives, such as Paysafecard casinos, instead of credit cards? [...]