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LTE unlimited as a DSL substitute - A crackpot idea?

LTE as a DSL replacement

With the rapid expansion of LTE in rural areas, more and more DSL customers are (rightly) asking themselves: Is LTE unlimited suitable as a DSL replacement? This is not a stupid question, after all, rural Internet via LTE is usually many times faster and the latency is lower than via the old copper cable connections. Austria is also one of the countries in which the [...]

Cancel cell phone contract: The template for all providers

Cancellation Template Post Image

Quite mean, actually: While only a few clicks are needed to get a new cell phone contract, canceling the old cell phone plan involves a lot of effort. It's not enough to make a quick call to the provider - a termination letter is required! Our cancellation template will help you get out of any contract. So that there is no ambiguity and it does not happen unintentionally that [...]

Roaming EU: What changed in 2017 (review of the expensive roaming period)

Roaming EU 2017

A look back at the time before EU-wide free roaming. That changed in 2017. Before that, roaming was very expensive even within the EU. For a long time it was promised and reported about in the media, now the dream of many vacationers shall finally come true. Since June 2017, roaming charges for EU citizens throughout the [...]

Which tariff suits me? - 2022-Austria

Which tariff suits me? Austria

Whether you turn on the radio, the TV or your PC, you're bombarded by ads for cell phone rates everywhere. Although there is so much advertising, it is very difficult to find the ideal tariff. Some people like to make phone calls, others love to surf, and still others prefer to do everything at once. In the Austrian tariff jungle [...]

Speedtest Austria: Top 5 providers

Speedtest Austria

Dissatisfied with the Internet, constant connection drops, or you just want to check the true speed of your connection? There are so-called speed tests for this purpose. They measure the transmission speed between you and a server. In this article we present the top 5 Speedtest Austria providers. What is the advantage of speed tests from Austria? For customers from Austria [...]

Smartphones with long battery life: Top 4

Nowadays, buyers have a number of requirements for their future smartphones: It should be fast, look nice, have a high screen quality and take nice photos. However, by far the most frequently expressed wish is that the smartphone should have a long battery life. Advances in technology have made smartphones [...]

Receive Austrian TV & ORF stream abroad

Austrian television abroad

Who doesn't know it: You are on vacation in Croatia, Italy or Spain and would like to watch the domestic broadcast. Watching Austrian television abroad is very important for many. Because even though the ORF is often criticized, it is part of everyday life in Austria and it is a bit strange when you are abroad [...]

Mobile Internet: Three or T-Mobile?

The battle between the private mobile communications providers in Austria has been raging for a long time: conversations about which provider actually has the best network come up again and again, even in social gatherings. The largest and most popular private mobile providers are T-Mobile and Drei. Behind T-Mobile Austria is the large, global group T-Mobile, which is also active in the [...]

What is T-Mobile's Like Me Want SIM?

T-Mobile Austria has been offering the Like-Me-Want SIM for some time now. This is supposed to be more flexible and better for customers. But what is the Like-Me-Will SIM and what advantages does it offer in everyday life? We explore this question in our first blog post. You'll also find out what "flexible units" are and why this SIM is particularly suitable for frequent surfers [...].

China phones with good camera: Top 7 devices

China phones with good camera

If you look at various online stores, you will quickly notice that the market is now flooded with Chinese cell phones. Whereas in the past only Apple, Samsung or Sony devices appeared in the search results, the rising players today are called OnePlus, Xiaomi or Huawei. It is not for nothing that more and more Chinese brands are making it onto the global stage: Chinese [...]