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5G in Austria: All info on the new mobile communications standard

5G tariff giant

The ever-increasing data traffic is presenting network operators in Austria with ever greater challenges. The demand for fast data connections needs to be met across the board. Better and larger wireless networks are to be created in Austria with the help of 5G. However, the planned 5G networks will focus neither on Internet use nor on telephony. It is primarily about the Internet of [...].

Spy Cameras: Top 6 Cams for Secret Recording

Spy cameras

Who doesn't know them, the incredible stories and the exciting secret agent tricks of James Bond? Only Hollywood can be that exciting! Or is it? The recent political scandal in Austria no longer relegates our spy heroes from the past to the realm of fiction: a rich Russian woman, a villa with expensive cars, a well-known politician [...]

Cancel online: This is how it's done

Cancel online

There are many reasons why you might want to cancel a contract. Such reasons can be, for example, that you are simply no longer satisfied with the company's service, the rate has become too expensive or you simply don't want to do it anymore (best example: gym). But what's the quickest way to get rid of the annoying contract? [...]

Comparison of network coverage in Austria

Vienna transmitter register

Austria is one of the countries where the mobile network is very well developed. Many neighboring European countries, especially larger ones, often look with an envious eye at our fast mobile networks. The good expansion in Austria is mainly due to the fact that our country is comparatively small and there are many metropolitan areas. Thus, it is difficult for the individual [...]

LTE unlimited as a DSL substitute - A crackpot idea?

LTE as a DSL replacement

With the rapid expansion of LTE in rural areas, more and more DSL customers are (rightly) asking themselves: Is LTE unlimited suitable as a DSL replacement? This is not a stupid question, after all, rural Internet via LTE is usually many times faster and the latency is lower than via the old copper cable connections. Austria is also one of the countries in which the [...]

Cancel cell phone contract: The template for all providers

Cancellation Template Post Image

Quite mean, actually: While only a few clicks are needed to get a new cell phone contract, canceling the old cell phone plan involves a lot of effort. It's not enough to make a quick call to the provider - a termination letter is required! Our cancellation template will help you get out of any contract. So that there is no ambiguity and it does not happen unintentionally that [...]

Roaming EU: What changed in 2017 (review of the expensive roaming period)

Roaming EU 2017

A look back at the time before EU-wide free roaming. That changed in 2017. Before that, roaming was very expensive even within the EU. For a long time it was promised and reported about in the media, now the dream of many vacationers shall finally come true. Since June 2017, roaming charges for EU citizens throughout the [...]

Which tariff suits me? - 2022-Austria

Which tariff suits me? Austria

Whether you turn on the radio, the TV or your PC, you're bombarded by ads for cell phone rates everywhere. Although there is so much advertising, it is very difficult to find the ideal tariff. Some people like to make phone calls, others love to surf, and still others prefer to do everything at once. In the Austrian tariff jungle [...]

Cell phone repair Vienna - The 10 best providers

Mobile Phone & Display Repair Vienna

123Mobile Repair " Did your cell phone fall from St. Stephen's Cathedral or into the Danube and you want to have it repaired in Vienna? Don't panic! Because here we show you the best providers for a cell phone repair in Vienna, so that the damage is soon history. Therefore, in the table you will find the 10 best providers for a cell phone repair [...].

Speedtest Austria: Top 5 providers

Speedtest Austria

Dissatisfied with the Internet, constant connection drops, or you just want to check the true speed of your connection? There are so-called speed tests for this purpose. They measure the transmission speed between you and a server. In this article we present the top 5 Speedtest Austria providers. What is the advantage of speed tests from Austria? For customers from Austria [...]