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Watch Formula 1 without Sky (completely legal & free)


Since 2021, Formula 1 races in Germany have only been broadcast on pay channel Sky. The license fees were too high for RTL. Nevertheless, there are several legal possibilities, in Watching Formula 1 without Sky in 2022. Because the German-language stations SRF from Switzerland and the ORF and ServusTV from Austria continue to broadcast the F1 races on free TV. To do this, you must use one of the methods presented here to Geoblocks the supplier to circumvent the Formula 1 without Sky to be able to watch in Germany.

Formula 1
Formula 1 was firmly associated with RTL in Germany for 30 years. The station broadcast the races on free TV from 1991 while Schumi and Vettel took one victory after another. Fueled by these successes, Formula 1 developed into one of Germany's most exciting sports (along with soccer).

Watch Formula 1 without Sky: Access the media library of ORF,SRF or Servus TV via VPN

Recommended method to watch Formula 1 without Sky: Cheap and legal

Many viewers from other countries want to watch ServusTV via the media center. It is equipped with a geo-blocker, but this can be bypassed very easily.

Because geoblocking only works by means of IP detection. The ServusTV, ORF or SRF servers check where the user is coming from. If the provider detects an IP from Austria (Servus TV, ORF) or Switzerland (SRF), the live stream is started. If, on the other hand, the IP is foreign, the geo-blocker blocks access.

However, there are methods to easily change your IP address. One of the most practical options is a VPN service. The VPN changes the IP address visible to the server. Thus, it is possible to encrypt geo-blocked content such as ServusTV or ORF to bypass.

One of the best VPN provider for Austria and Switzerland is NordVPN. Because NordVPN is with its new Nordlynx protocol is blazingly fast. In addition, the service is secure (military standard encryption) and offers numerous Austrian or Swiss servers. If (in rare cases) the streaming of F1 races is blocked, you can easily connect to another server from your country of choice to unblock it.

Watch Formula 1 without Sky in 3 steps

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes and allows you to watch the programs live, no matter where you are.

All you need for this: A streaming-capable device (for example, a smartphone or laptop) and the VPN program. By the way, NordVPN is also available as an app for TV or smartphone. You can even install it directly on your router to route all your home network traffic through the VPN.

Watch Formula 1 without Sky: buy ORF card on ebay

Not recommended method to watch Formula 1 without Sky: Elaborate and expensive

If you want to receive ServusTV not only online, but also via TV, you need an "ORF Digital" card. However, these cards can only be purchased in Austria. According to the broadcaster, the cards are only issued to people with their registered office and GIS location in Austria.

However, the ORF and the GIS (the equivalent of the GEZ) will issue multiple cards upon request.

So if you know someone in Austria, you can ask them to request an ORF card and then send it to Germany. Although this is not welcomed by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, we are not aware of any case in which this would result in any consequences. In addition, it is also not possible via SAT-TV to track from where someone is watching the TV channel.

Also on eBay there are rows and rows of ORF cards. These are resold online at a high price - one card costs between 200? and 300? If you don't have any acquaintances in Austria who are allowed to request a card, this would also be an option.

ORF Screenshot eBay
>> Buy ORF Digital card on eBay >>

Watch Formula 1 without Sky: TOR Browser with end node Switzerland or Austria

Does not work with ORF or SRF. Therefore, this method is limited to watch Formula 1 without Sky

The Servus TV encryption is only extremely weak even in 2023. While ORF blocks traffic via the Tor browser, ServusTV encryption can still be bypassed with the TOR browser. To do so, you have to place the last node in Austria or Switzerland. To do this, add the following in the Torrc file located in the installation directory of your Tor browser, add the following line:

ExitNodes {at} StrictNodes 1 // for Austria
ExitNodes {ch} StrictNodes 1 // for Switzerland

This causes Tor to set the last node in Austria. The "1" means that TOR will not allow an alternative country if a node in Austria is not available. For detailed instructions on how to configure the Tor browser, see this WikiHow. With this method, you should still keep in mind that your privacy is not very well protected. It is possible for hackers to find out what sites you visit and what you do there with similar simple means.

All live races at a glance

Here you will learn where you can find all Watch F1 races in 2023 even without Sky you can. All races that you watch via SRF ServusTV or ORF can be watched via a VPN. To do this, you connect to an Austrian or Swiss server with a VPN and can then stream ORF and SRF for free.

In the article Bypass ORF encryption and Servus TV Encryption you will learn several proven methods how to bypass the providers' geo-locks legally and for free.

DateGrand PrixWhere you can watch Formula 1 without Sky
24.04.22The Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna in ImolaServusTV, RTL
08.05.22The Grand Prix of USA in MiamiServusTV
22.05.22The Spanish Grand Prix in BarcelonaORF
29.05.22The Monaco Grand Prix in Monte CarloORF
12.06.22The Azerbaijan Grand Prix in BakuServusTV
19.06.22The Canadian Grand Prix in MontrealORF
03.07.22The British Grand Prix at SilverstoneServusTV, RTL
10.07.22The Austrian Grand Prix in SpielbergORF, ServusTV
24.07.22The French Grand Prix in Le CastelletServusTV
28.08.22The Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-FrancorchampsServusTV
31.07.22The Hungarian Grand Prix in BudapestORF
04.09.22The Dutch Grand Prix in ZandvoortRTL, ORF
11.09.22The Italian Grand Prix in MonzaORF
25.09.22The Russian Grand Prix in SochiServusTV
09.10.22The Japanese Grand Prix in SuzukaServusTV
02.10.22The Singapore Grand Prix in SingaporeORF
23.10.22The USA Grand Prix in AustinORF
30.10.22The Mexican Grand Prix in Mexico CityServusTV
13.11.22The Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao PauloRTL, ORF
20.11.22The United Arab Emirates Grand Prix in Abu DhabiServusTV

Another advantage of SRF or ORF : Much less advertising than on RTL

The Swiss SRF and the Austrian ORF bring much less advertising than was the case with RTL. So you can enjoy the race much more. Watching Formula 1 without Sky is also possible without advertising via a powerful VPN. Get yourself NordVPN to enjoy the Formula 1 races in 2023 and beyond without any restrictions. The use of VPNs is legal and the channels SRF and ORF are free of charge.

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