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How to bypass ServusTV encryption - 3 methods


In this guide, you will learn which two methods you can use to bypass the ServusTV encryption outside of Austria. ServusTV broadcasts Formula 1 races, which are no longer available on free TV via RTL in Germany since 2021. But ServusTV from Austria can also be received in Germany and other countries. We present you 2 methods.

Unfortunately, some of ServusTV's offers, as with the ORF encrypted. This means that you can watch F1 races on ServusTV only with a Smartcard or a Austrian IP address can receive. Because the online offerings also have a Geoblocking.

In the following guide, we show how to bypass ServusTV encryption. It is not too complicated.

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Your options to receive Formula 1 races from ServusTV Austria in Germany

3 ways to receive ServusTV Formula 1 races from Austria in Germany

If someone watches the Formula 1 races on the Austrian channel ServusTV in Germany receive would like there are three possibilities:

  1. Using a VPN to watch the free live stream on the austria Version from ServusTV view
  2. Buy an ORF digital card on ebay
  3. Use the Tor browser and set the last node in Austria
  4. Buy the Sky pay TV subscription

In this guide, we will confine ourselves to the first three options. Because the look of Formula 1 race without Sky is one of the big advantages of bypassing the Servus TV lock using a VPN.

The difference of ServusTV Germany and Austria

There is a ServusTV Germany and a ServusTV Austria. At times when sporting events such as soccer or Formula 1 are broadcast in Austria, ServusTV Germany only broadcasts alternative programs. This limitation can be overcome with a VPN, so that even in Germany the sporting events such as Formula 1 can be watched. We recommend the high-performance provider NordVPN.

Why is ServusTV encrypted?

When a TV station buys rights for a program, they usually apply only to the licensed region. For example, if ServusTV has the right to broadcast a Formula 1 race, it can only do so in Austria. To ensure that no one from another country can watch the broadcast, ServusTV encrypts its channels.

Online, too, some content in the "Mediathek", where you can watch on-demand offerings and livestreams, is "geo-blocked". This means that an error message appears when the website is accessed from abroad. Users from other countries will therefore not be able to watch the livestream.

In principle, ServusTV encrypts its programming for licensing reasons.

Not all broadcasts on ServusTV are encrypted
Many popular program formats such as news or crime shows like "Miss Fisher's New Mysterious Murders" are available online on ServusTV without encryption. The F1 races, however, can only be accessed with an Austrian IP address.

We are sorry, the stream is not available in your region

If you start a blocked content from ServusTV with an IP address outside of Austria you will get the error message: ?We are sorry, the stream is not available in your region?.

Bypass ServusTV without encryption: "We are sorry, the stream is not available in your region".

3 methods to bypass ServusTV encryption

Fortunately, nowadays there are some variants to bypass ServusTV encryption - on TV and online.

1. bypass ServusTV Austria country lock with a VPN

Many viewers from other countries want to watch ServusTV via the media center. It is equipped with a geo-blocker, but this can be bypassed very easily.

ServusTV Media Library
ServusTV Media Library

Geoblocking works by means of IP recognition. ServusTV's servers check where the user comes from. If the IP is Austrian, the livestream is started. If it is a foreign IP, the geoblocker blocks access.

Meanwhile, there are methods to change your own IP without any problems. The simplest variant is a VPN service. The VPN changes the user's IP and thus makes it possible to bypass the ServusTV encryption.

We recommend the VPN provider NordVPN. NordVPN is fast, secure and offers Austrian proxy servers.

Bypass ServusTV encryption: With NordVPN it is possible in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select VPN offer & Download program
  2. Select Austrian server
  3. call and enjoy formula 1 race

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes on average and makes it possible to watch ORF programs live, no matter where you are.

All you need for this: A streaming-capable device (for example, a smartphone or a laptop) and the VPN program. By the way, NordVPN is also available as an app.

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- favorable prices
- many features like double VPN, P2P VPN and Onion VPN
- lightning fast Wireguard protocol

- Sometimes problems with Netflix USA (fixable by changing the server)

Austrian server:
Servers at 33 locations in Austria
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NordVPN offers you servers 33 locations in Austria with high speed. This is ensured by the provider's Wireguard protocol, which is lighter and thus faster than all other protocols.

If a server location should not work, with 33 locations there are sufficient alternatives to still watch ServusTV from Germany, Switzerland, Croatia or any other countryn. NordVPN's large selection of servers thus makes circumventing ServusTV's country block the Kids game.

How many servers does NordVPN have in Austria? - NordVPN has 33 servers in Austria
How many servers does NordVPN have in Austria? - NordVPN has 33 servers in Austria. This means that you can still access ServusTV's online services even if individual servers fail.

2. buy ORF card in Germany

If you want to receive ServusTV not only online, but also via TV, you need an "ORF Digital" card. However, these cards can only be purchased in Austria. According to the broadcaster's own information, the cards are only issued to people with their registered office and GIS location in Austria.

However, the ORF and the GIS (the equivalent of the GEZ) will issue multiple cards upon request.

So if you know someone in Austria, you can ask them to request an ORF card and then send it to Germany. Although this is not welcomed by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, we are not aware of any case where this would have any consequences. Via SAT-TV, it is also not possible to track from where someone watches the TV channel.

Also on eBay there are rows and rows of ORF cards. These are resold online at a high price - one card costs between 200? and 300? If you don't have any acquaintances in Austria who are allowed to request a card, this would also be an option.

ORF Screenshot eBay
>> Buy ORF Digital card on eBay >>

Advertising: As an eBay partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase through a link from me.

3. bypass ServusTV country lock with TOR browser

Servus TV encryption is still only extremely weak in 2022. While ORF blocks traffic via the Tor browser, ServusTV encryption can still be bypassed with the TOR browser. To do this, you have to place the last node in Austria. To do this, you add the following in the Torrc file located in the installation directory of your Tor browser, add the following line:

ExitNodes {at} StrictNodes 1

This causes Tor to set the last node in Austria. The "1" means that TOR will not allow an alternative country if a node in Austria is not available. For detailed instructions on how to configure the Tor browser, see this WikiHow.

If you bypass ServusTV encryption via the TOR browser, you should consider the following:
  1. TOR does not provide privacy. Your information is open for complete strangers to read. If you value privacy and security, there is no way around a VPN.
  2. TOR slows down your speeds much more than VPN connections
  3. If you use TOR to bypass the ServusTV encryption, you will not be able to watch shows that are available on the ORF encrypted be broadcast. ORF recognizes the Tor browser and does not allow it to access the media library. Especially with F1 races which are broadcasted alternately on ServusTV and ORF, this is unattractive. In this case, you can only watch every second race that is broadcast on ServusTV.

    4. bypass ServusTV country lock with free VPN (bonus tip)

    There is another free way to bypass the ServusTV lock. For this you use instead of a payment service like NordVPN a Free VPN. In this overview we have 11 Free VPN and there were some that were able to bypass the ServusTV country block.

    However, watching shows via free VPN comes with some hurdles.

    Thus are Bandwidth, Speed and latency of free VPN is limited, so that it can be used for Jerking while watching TV can come. After all, when watching ServusTV abroad even with free VPN the Server change, which is used at the Bypass ORF encryption with free VPN may be necessary. The ServusTV lock is simply very weak.

    Therefore, free VPNs are definitely an alternative that ServusTV encryption free to bypass. However, due to the limitations of server availability, bandwidth and latency, free VPNs are suitable at most for sporadic and short watching of ServusTV. Who regularly Full length broadcasts such as Formula 1 races is better off with a higher-performance service such as NordVPN better served.

    Bypass ServusTV encryption for free: Not suitable for a smooth Formula 1 experience without jerks
    Bypass ServusTV encryption for free: Not suitable for a smooth Formula 1 experience without jerks

    What does a VPN do? Is this the best option?

    The easiest and cheapest way to bypass ServusTV encryption is to use a VPN tunnels. But how does a VPN actually work in detail?

    If you want to bypass the encryption of ServusTV or other TV channels, you will not get around a VPN. A VPN encrypts and anonymizes the connection between user and server.

    If you connect to a VPN server, all incoming and outgoing data will pass through this server from this point on. If the server is located in Austria, the called website thinks that you are calling it from Austria - even if the actual user is in Peru, Croatia or Germany, for example.

    Austrian VPN servers can be blocked by ServusTV
    It may happen in individual cases that Austrian IP-addresses used by VPN can be blocked. In this case, you can try to change the server. Large providers such as NordVPN have numerous servers in Austria and offer many alternatives with which the call works immediately after a server change.

    However, a VPN is not only recommended to avoid geoblocking - VPNs are also used to surf securely and spy-free. Many Internet users surf permanently with a VPN to increase their online privacy. While top providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN outdo each other with higher speeds, offer some Free VPN also offers a solid range of services. However, especially when using a free VPN necessarily a few things to avoid becoming a victim of malware and phishing attempts.

    A VPN is the best and safest way to bypass the ServusTV lockout

    The only way to bypass ServusTV encryption in 2023 without exposing your data to third parties is to use a VPN. A VPN offers much better data protection than the Tor browser. Only an encrypted VPN connection prevents third parties from reading your data. In addition, powerful VPNs such as NordVPN can also bypass the ORF block, which does not work with the Tor browser. So you can use the Price of a coffee access geo-blocked content securely via a VPN for an entire month.
    On top of that, using the Onion Browser TOR is often very slow. A service like NordVPN, on the other hand, offers lightning-fast speeds, so there is no buffering. You can find speed measurements of NordVPN (in comparison to Express) in the Speed measurements from NordVPN and ExpressVPN

    If the ORF is still encrypted despite the inserted card, there can be several different causes. We show you in this article 6 quick fixes that can be implemented quicklyhow you can receive ORF if it remains encrypted despite the card.

    More articles on the topic of VPN:

    Is it allowed to bypass the ServusTV encryption?

    Is it allowed to bypass the ServusTV encryption?

    Circumventing geoblocking is fundamentally a legal grey area. Normally, it is not liked by the rights holders, but it is difficult to punish and there are no legal consequences to fear. Moreover, in the free EU single market, there is nothing to stop you from watching another EU country's livestreams. Using VPNs or other IP obfuscation tools to bypass ServusTV encryption is common practice.

    It gets a bit more complicated when using an ORF card abroad. This is not desired by ORF, but has no legal consequences. If ORF notices that someone is using an ORF card in Germany, the card can be blocked. Since the SAT-TV technology does not allow to find out from where you are watching ServusTV, a blocking is very unlikely. Therefore, it does not matter whether you watch ServusTV in Vienna, Graz, Munich or Hamburg.

    Bypass ServusTV encryption on the smartphone: Is that possible?

    We live in a time when many people watch a livestream more often via smartphone than via PC. But is it possible to watch ServusTV via smartphone abroad?

    With VPN technology, there is basically nothing to be said against it. Providers like NordVPN offer apps for Android and iOS devices. After downloading, you can select an Austrian server in the app (as with the PC software) and then watch the live streams via the ServusTV Mediathek or the ServusTV app.

    However, for the stream to work without judder, the smartphone must have a fast enough Internet connection.

    Is it possible to watch ServusTV Austria with a VPN from Germany?

    ServusTV broadcasts Formula 1 only in Austria. However, if you want to watch the Formula 1 on ServusTV Austria from Germany then this is best possible with a VPN. The ServusTV Austria Stream will not be broadcast in Germany for licensing reasons. ServusTV has set up a country block when broadcasting the live stream. This country block is also called geoblocking and it recognizes from which country you are accessing the website based on your IP address.

    For example, an IP address from Austria is:

    For example, an IP address from Germany is:

    An Austrian IP address is matched by ServusTV with a database. Afterwards you will be redirected to the ServusTV Austria Live Stream forwarded. However, if you want to watch ServusTV Austria in Germany, you have to bypass the provider's country lock, because German IP Addresses are rejected by ServusTV for licensing reasons.

    However, from Germany you can use the VPN software to access the ServusTV Geoblocking bypass. In this case, the VPN software assigns an IP from Austria to you and you can use the ServusTV Austria LiveStream also in Germany. As ServusTV compatible VPN we recommend NordVPNwhich can easily bypass the ServusTV country lock.

    With NordVPN you can use the ServusTV Austria LiveStream then also receive in Germany and do not have to watch the boring alternative program broadcast in Germany, while in Austria Formula 1 is broadcast in live stream.

    ServusTV Austria with a VPN also from Germany
    Watch ServusTV Austria with a VPN also from Germany

    ServusTV Media Library Video Download

    The Servus TV Mediathek videos are not directly available for download. However, you can use a third-party software to download all videos from ServusTV Mediathek. To download videos from the ServusTV Mediathek, you can use a software like the JDownloader respectively Downloadhelper use. This is a Firefox or Chrome plugin that pops up after a video is viewed and provides a download button. About the legal consequences, I am not sure. ServusTV does not like it when content from the media library is downloaded with a video download software. According to the provider ServusTV, the video download of content from the media library is "not a permissible function".

    ServusTV does not offer any download function. Downloading programs from the Servus Media Library is not a permitted function.

    Servus TV to the question ?Can I download programs from the Servus Mediathek??

    Conclusion: Bypass ServusTV encryption

    As you can see in this guide, there are several ways to bypass the encryption of TV channels like ServusTV. The easiest way is via a VPN service. It is also possible with an ORF card, which you can use to buy on the internet on ebay or even with certain restrictions with the TOR browser.

    Legally, circumventing ServusTV encryption is a gray area. However, it can be assumed that there are people all over the world who watch Formula 1 and other broadcasts on ServusTV using one of these methods without any problems.

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    ServusTV encryption can be bypassed with a VPN

    Choose an Austrian server and connect to it
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