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5G in Austria: All info on the new mobile communications standard

5G tariff giant

The ever-increasing data traffic is presenting network operators in Austria with ever greater challenges. The demand for fast data connections needs to be met across the board. Better and larger wireless networks are to be created in Austria with the help of 5G. However, the planned 5G networks will focus neither on Internet use nor on telephony. It is primarily about the Internet of [...].

Spy Cameras: Top 6 Cams for Secret Recording

Spy cameras

Who doesn't know them, the incredible stories and the exciting secret agent tricks of James Bond? Only Hollywood can be that exciting! Or is it? The recent political scandal in Austria no longer relegates our spy heroes from the past to the realm of fiction: a rich Russian woman, a villa with expensive cars, a well-known politician [...]

Surf the Internet anonymously: Guide

Surf the Internet anonymously

Anonymität ist in Zeiten des Internets eine Sache, die nicht immer garantiert ist. Mittlerweile ist man permanent von so vielen technischen Geräten umgeben, dass man sich nicht immer sicher sein kann, ob nicht doch gerade jemand über eines der Mikrofone in Smartphones, Laptops oder Computern gerade mitlauscht. Vor allem beim Surfen im Internet ist Anonymität […]

Side jobs from home: Top 15 (earn money fast)

Side jobs from home guide

Many professions that mainly take place at the computer or laptop allow working from home. At the latest since many office workers switched to the home office during the Corona crisis, one thing has become crystal clear: The range of possible jobs that can be done at home is large. It doesn't matter whether the part-time job from home takes the form of self-employment or [...]

Buy / trade Tesla shares: This is how it's done

Tesla Aktie kaufen

Schonmal darüber nachgedacht, Tesla Aktien zu kaufen? Da bist du nicht der einzige! Alleine in Österreich interessieren sich viele Personen für den Einstieg in die Welt der Tesla Aktien. Der amerikanische Elektroauto-Hersteller hat in den vergangenen Monaten und Jahren einen wahrhaften Jumpstart hingelegt: Vor wenigen Jahren kannte Tesla noch niemand. Mittlerweile ist Tesla wertvoller als […]

Trade shares: Advisor & Tips

Was sind Aktien?

Vor allem in Zeiten großer Umbrüche suchen Menschen nach sinnvollen Wegen, ihr Geld zu investieren. Hat man sich für einen guten Investitionsweg entschieden, so kann man nach einpaar Jahren die Früchte davon ernten. Als Beispiel muss man sich dafür nur den Kauf von Aktien ansehen: Wer am Anfang des Internetzeitalters in Aktien von Google, Apple, […]

Cancel online: This is how it's done

Cancel online

There are many reasons why you might want to cancel a contract. Such reasons can be, for example, that you are simply no longer satisfied with the company's service, the rate has become too expensive or you simply don't want to do it anymore (best example: gym). But what's the quickest way to get rid of the annoying contract? [...]

VPN Austria: Austrian IP address for abroad

VPN Austria

Anyone who travels frequently knows the problem all too well: many Austrian websites cannot be accessed outside of Europe. The reasons for this are manifold. Sometimes the call is denied for licensing reasons (e.g. streaming providers), sometimes pages are censored. Tourists in Asia, for example, are often greeted by blocking websites, as countries such as China or Thailand, as part of [...]

Comparison of network coverage in Austria

Vienna transmitter register

Austria is one of the countries where the mobile network is very well developed. Many neighboring European countries, especially larger ones, often look with an envious eye at our fast mobile networks. The good expansion in Austria is mainly due to the fact that our country is comparatively small and there are many metropolitan areas. Thus, it is difficult for the individual [...]

Buy cryptocurrencies: Best 6 Online Trading Platforms

trading platforms

The cryptocurrency market is growing: While initially it was mainly computer nerds who were interested in Bitcoin & Co., nowadays many stock traders and financial professionals are already trading a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. And the market is not expected to flatten out in the coming months: Buying cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more important. In the article Buy cryptocurrencies we present the best 6 online platforms [...]