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Mobile Phone Repair Innsbruck - The 10 Best Repair Services

Mobile Phone Repair Innsbruck

123Handyreparatur» Ist dein Handy vom Dach der Hofkirche oder in die Inn gefallen und du möchtest es in Innsbruck reparieren lassen? In unserer Tabelle findest du die 10 besten Anbieter für eine Handy-Reparatur in Innsbruck. Ebenfalls findest du Informationen darüber, welche Modelle der Handy-Reparaturdienst in Innsbruck repariert. Egal ob du auf der Suche nach einer […]

Free VPN - The 11 best permanent free VPN

Free VPN

Mit einem Gratis VPN erhältst du Online Sicherheit und Anonymität ohne das Kosten dafür anfallen. Allerdings solltest du bei den Anbietern kostenloser VPN wissen wie das Geschäftsmodell funktioniert: Versucht der Anbieter nämlich seine Kosten durch den Verkauf deiner Daten zu decken, geht der Versuch Anonymität im Netz zu erlangen nach hinten los. Daher zeige ich […]

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN: One wins the ultimate comparison

NorthVPN vs ExpressVPN

NordVPN und ExpressVPN sind zwei führende Anbieter im Bereich VPNs. Daher stelle ich in diesem Vergleich die Eigenschaften von ExpressVPN und NordVPN auf den Prüfstand. Dadurch können wir herausfinden, welcher der beiden VPN für verschiedene Aufgaben im Jahr 2022 besser geeignet ist. Zudem decke ich die Nachteile der VPNs schonungslos auf. Somit wird am Ende […]

Wireguard Protocol: Problems with Vodafone - How it works (Nordlynx)

Wireguard Nordlynx problems: it's the 4in6 tunnel from Ds-Lite

If you have a cable connection from Vodafone, Unitymedia or eazy, it is often not possible to load pages when Wireguard/NordLynx is set as the VPN protocol. The problems in connection with Vodafone cable and Wireguard/Nordlynx is known at NordVPN. The VPN provider commented on my inquiry as follows: "Vodafone blocks Wireguard/NordLynx connections". Feedback from the support [...].

How to bypass ORF encryption - 2 methods

ORF Encryption Bypass Guide

ORF is also popular abroad, which is why many people want to bypass ORF encryption. Especially in Germany, many are looking for ways to receive Austrian broadcasting. Understandable, because the channels of the ORF show movies without commercial breaks, many different sporting events and offer first-class news programs. Unfortunately, the ORF is encrypted. This means that you can't watch the channel [...]

Streaming series and movies illegally? - All about the situation in Austria

Series streaming illegal

Although has been offline for years, new streaming sites keep popping up online offering movies and videos for free. Many readers were interested in whether streaming movies and series is illegal. Therefore, we are once again investigating the question: "Is series streaming illegal? For many, series and movies streaming is also a convenient and especially [...]

Bitcoin halving is coming: here's what bitcoin investors can expect now

Bitcoin Halving

Note: This article was published on 07.05.2020. If you take a look at the news and various social networks, one thing quickly becomes clear: In recent weeks, interest in Bitcoin has risen significantly again. A decisive reason for this is the Bitcoin Halving, which awaits us (from the current perspective - 07.05.2020) on May 12, 2020. This [...]

Gambling via app: mobile games are so popular!

Gambling via app: mobile games are so popular!

Our cell phones have long since left behind the days when they were used exclusively for making phone calls or communicating via short messages. Instead, we tend to get the impression that we're all grown up with our cell phones and spend most of the day staring at their displays. In fact, this perception is not all that wrong. Our cell phone [...]

What is LTE Advanced / 4G+?

LTE Advanced

In the fall of 2013, the frequencies for the then new mobile communications hope LTE were auctioned off in Austria. In an auction that is still viewed critically by many today, A1, T-Mobile and Drei snatched up the frequencies that are important for LTE. A few months later, the expansion and conversion of cell phone towers for the new technology began. In the meantime, [...]

Open a share deposit account: The guide for Austria

Open a share deposit account in Austria

Opening a share deposit account is easier than ever in the age of the Internet. A few clicks are all it takes to start your own securities account for shares, ETFs and co. Even within Austria, there are now a growing number of online brokers that allow every online user to start their own securities account. Anyone who wants to trade on the stock exchange [...]