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Hide IP address: Guide

Hide IP address

Every computer in the world can be uniquely identified by its IP address. Websites can use the IP to see where the user is coming from, for example. Authorities can use the IP to find out which person the Internet connection is registered to and initiate investigations. But that's not all - criminals can also use the IP address of Internet users to find out a lot and cause damage. [...]

iPhone 11 in Austria: The cheapest offers

iPhone 11 in Austria: The cheapest offers

The new iPhone 11 comes with several innovations: a new dual-camera system with the ability to shoot ultra-wide-angle photos, a powerful and energy-efficient A13 Bionic smartphone chip, an above-average battery life and many other changes. The official release date was September 20, 2019. How and where to buy a new iPhone 11 as cheaply as possible in Austria [...]

Top 10: Earn money with game apps

Source Cover: There are many ways to earn real money playing games on the Internet. In this regard, the games with a payout function can either be installed on the computer, downloaded as an app to the smartphone or, for example, also played via the Internet browser. The quickest way to win money is in a legal online casino, where the income from [...]

How much money should you save?

How much money should you save?

We live in seemingly secure times: The average wage is high and the population is (mostly) doing well. But such times can quickly be over. As recently as the last National Council election, many politicians warned of an impending recession in Germany that could also threaten the domestic economy. More and more Austrians therefore want to save and save part of their [...]

Work from anywhere: 12 location-independent jobs

Location independent jobs cover

In times when one's own work-life balance is playing an increasingly important role and many people no longer want to spend their entire lives sitting in an office from "nine to five," location-independent jobs are becoming more and more popular. These are jobs that can be performed anywhere in the world via the Internet. The Internet has only made this type of work [...]

Establish a company: Step-by-step to a sole proprietorship

Establish company

One can have many intentions for starting their own business: Some have the apparent "mega" business idea, yet others want to monetize their skills as part of a service business. And then there are those who want to sell something on the Internet. The possibilities are (almost) endless when starting your own company. But how can you [...]

ORF Livestream in Germany: Instructions & Alternatives

ORF Livestream Germany

ORF is the Austrian equivalent of the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF in Germany. The radio and radio programs pursue a state mission. This means that they inform and entertain the population. Especially in the field of entertainment, many viewers from abroad probably wish that they could listen to the TV stations ORF 1, ORF 2, ORF III [...]

Display repair costs: How much does a display repair cost?

How much does a display repair cost?

The display of smartphones quickly breaks and the glass has to be replaced. A broken or non-intact display means that you can no longer use your smartphone properly. However, so that this does not become a permanent condition, every owner can have his display repaired if necessary. The display repair is very common and therefore a [...]

Solar chargers for cell phones & tablets: Current recommendations

Choetech Solar Charger

Many people who surf extensively via VPNs in Austria know the problem of running out of battery power. This is because the VPN draws a lot of power during intensive use. One possibility on the road is a solar charger for cell phones and tablets. Here you can find a selection of the best devices. So why not use an energy source, [...]

Watch Formula 1 in Germany: 2024

Millions of racing fans in Germany love the thrill of the sport and would love to watch Formula 1 in Germany in 2024 as well. But unfortunately, since 2021, Formula 1 can only be streamed on free TV to a limited extent. In Austria, ServusTV will broadcast Formula 1 exclusively in 2024. Using a VPN or the Tor browser, you can watch 2024 [...]