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What is Ripple?


If you arrange all cryptocurrencies according to their market capitalization, Ripple quickly catches your eye. But what is the currency with the three blue circles all about? What is the difference between Ripple and other cryptocoins that can be traded online? We take a look at all the details about the XRP coin in this post. What is it about [...]

Top 5 CFD brokers in comparison

Plus 500 demo account

Since the crypto boom, more and more people are interested in online trading with stocks, indices, options and even cryptocurrencies. While buying real shares involves some complications, trading CFDs allows a quick and easy entry into the world of trading. In this article we present the top 5 CFD brokers and [...]

What is Tronix?


Tronix is also an altcoin (alternative cryptocurrency). It is based on the ERC-20 token from Ethereum. The Tron Foundation is based in Singapore and was founded by Justin Sun: He is already known for several economic successes in Asia and has been featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list [...]

Learn trading

Learn to trade

When people think of the world of the stock market, they often think of high profits, risk and action. Speculating with money and other valuable objects has fascinated mankind for centuries. Nevertheless, only very few people dare to get involved in stock trading. For many, the risks are too high and their own money too valuable. Yet (with [...]

What are the trading strategies?

As already mentioned in various other articles, as a trader you need a strategy to be successful in the long term. The strategy must be built in such a way that you can follow it on a daily basis. If executed correctly, one should close more than 50% of the positions with a profit in order to make profit. Here we present 3 classic [...]

How do I buy Bitcoins?

Bitpanda Post

A few days ago, we already reported in a blog post that bitcoin is breaking new records from week to week. More and more people are jumping on the crypto bandwagon. If you too believe in blockchain technology and want a bite of the Bitcoin pie, you've probably seen the [...]

Bitcoin halving is coming: here's what bitcoin investors can expect now

Bitcoin Halving

Note: This article was published on 07.05.2020. If you take a look at the news and various social networks, one thing quickly becomes clear: In recent weeks, interest in Bitcoin has risen significantly again. A decisive reason for this is the Bitcoin Halving, which awaits us (from the current perspective - 07.05.2020) on May 12, 2020. This [...]

Open a share deposit account: The guide for Austria

Open a share deposit account in Austria

Opening a share deposit account is easier than ever in the age of the Internet. A few clicks are all it takes to start your own securities account for shares, ETFs and co. Even within Austria, there are now a growing number of online brokers that allow every online user to start their own securities account. Anyone who wants to trade on the stock exchange [...]

How to invest 10,000? Use current crisis?

For many investors, 10,000 euros represents the basic amount at which it is worthwhile to start looking intensively at investment opportunities. In contrast to smaller amounts, 10,000 euros can be more broadly diversified than smaller investment sums. The keyword "costs" plays a very important role here: Since online brokers are more expensive in terms of transaction and order fees [...]

Buy or trade gold: Great guide - 4 options

Buy gold

Whenever there is talk of stable means of payment that are also supposed to be crisis-proof, the topic of gold comes up very quickly in many discussions. It is true that gold is also subject to fluctuations - but in times of crisis, gold usually increases in value quickly, because people are then looking for a safe haven and want to buy gold. [...]