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Wireguard Protocol: Problems with Vodafone - How it works (Nordlynx)


If you have a cable connection from Vodafone, Unitymedia or eazy, it is often not possible to load pages when Wireguard/NordLynx is set as the VPN protocol. The problems in connection with Vodafone cable and Wireguard/Nordlynx is known at NordVPN. The VPN provider commented on this as follows in response to my inquiries:

Vodafone blocks Wireguard/NordLynx connections.

Feedback from support on the question why Nordlynx could not be set up for me

Fix problems in connection with Vodafone cable and Wireguard/Nordlynx: It is due to your internet protocol, which must be dual stack

Especially in Germany, cable operators often use the DS-Lite (Dual-Stack Lite) mechanism, which is not compatible with Wireguard/Nordlynx.

The reason for the non-functioning Nordlynx is therefore the Internet protocol used by the provider. There is a trick how you can activate Nordlynx even with a cable connection from Vodafone, Unitymedia or eazy.

Wireguard/Nordlynx does not work. The problem is the 4in6 tunnel from Ds-Lite which is used by Vodafone.

To fix the problem, contact the support and ask them to your connection on dual stack to switch. If you have a tariff with 250Mbit or faster, the switch from Dual Stack Lite-Lite to Dual Stack is free. For the cheaper tariffs you have to activate the option Upload booster or Comfort telephony with costs book

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