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Current account comparison: The best accounts at a glance

Find the best checking account for you in the following table. Start-up bonuses, free account management, online banking & more!

Current account: What should I pay attention to?

How to choose the right checking account

At some banks, account management is only free of charge if you have a regular income. You can check the conditions at the respective banks. Otherwise, monthly fees apply.

Consider monthly fees

Although most banks nowadays offer an account for 0?, there are still outliers where a monthly amount is due. We therefore recommend thinking: What additional offers does this bank have that justify the monthly costs?

Basically, there are no serious differences between banks with and without account maintenance fees. Therefore, we at recommend a current account with no monthly fees.

Since banks are always finding other ways to collect money anyway, choosing an account with monthly account maintenance fees is pointless and only an additional financial burden for the customer.

Where and at what price can I withdraw money?

Depending on one's lifestyle, this question is very important, because everyone withdraws money from the current account from time to time.

When choosing a current account, you should always ask yourself where you spend most of your life. If you belong to the majority of people who rarely leave the euro zone and need the account only for everyday life, a current account with a free withdrawal function within the euro zone is enough.

However, if you are one of a few frequent travelers, a bank that allows free withdrawals worldwide is recommended.

What about customer service?

Of course, with the new online banks, the service is not as good as with the traditional bank at the counter: there is no advisor sitting in front of you to take care of the customer's concerns.

However, more and more online banks offer so-called live chats and customer hotlines, which are actually available at all times and around the clock. Those who are satisfied with this will have a lot of fun with online banks.

If you don't like this kind of advice, we recommend a conventional bank. There, the fees are usually a little higher, but you have a personal advisor with whom you can talk face-to-face.

Keep an eye on overdraft interest rates!

All banks currently have very low to no credit interest rates. Therefore, we do not need to pay closer attention to them.

What you should consider when choosing a checking account, however, is the overdraft interest. These costs arise when you are short of cash and slip into the red. At banks with high overdraft interest rates, this hiccup can very quickly become a nightmare.

Our recommendation: If you are one of those who often overdraw the account, we recommend an account with a low overdraft interest rate. Currently, the ideal value is about 6.9%.

Current account comparison: FAQ

Short questions & answers about the topic

From when can you open your own current account?

With the consent of the parent or guardian, every child can theoretically open their own checking account. However, banks are required by law to keep this account on a credit basis.

It is not possible to overdraw/debt a so-called "child account".

How can I manage my checking account?

All the providers in our list have online banking. This makes financial management much easier for individuals. You don't have to go to the bank for every change and can make transfers from the comfort of your couch. All you need is a working smartphone or a PC/laptop.

How many current accounts may one have?

Good news for all bank customers! There are no limits to the number of current accounts. Whether you want to have 1, 2 or 100 accounts: everything is legal.

In many life situations, multiple checking accounts are recommended: For example, if you want to manage finances separately in a relationship, for efficient income control or simply to keep better track of your money.