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Instant credit Austria: Fast loans for all?

Instant Loan Austria

Everybody needs a financial grant from time to time. Sometimes the car breaks down, sometimes you urgently want a new smartphone.

If the money in the account for it is missing, more and more private individuals take an instant loan. This is a loan with a smaller amount of money that you get relatively quickly and then gradually pay off.

But is an instant loan even worth it? All information on the situation in Austria can be found here.

What is an instant loan?

Instant Loan Austria Money ExampleAn instant loan is a classic installment loan: you take out a loan and then pay it off in installments.

However, the crucial difference from normal loans is the speed with which you can take out such a loan.

As a rule, after one day (i.e. 24 hours) you will receive a confirmation of the loan. A few days later the money is already on the account and you can use it.

Notice: The term of a Instant credit is often significantly shorter than that of a larger loan. The sum is usually paid off again in a period of between 1-5 years.

What sum can I borrow?

Total borrowing (credit)

Those who want to take advantage of an instant loan should know that these are smaller amounts.

So you don't take out an instant loan because you want to build a house, for example.

Rather, instant loans are suitable for investments in the range between 1,000 and 50,000?

Of course, there are exceptions here as well: For example, the provider offers Cashper loans of between 100 and 1,500? These are known as microloans. These are taken out extremely quickly - and usually paid off again quickly.

More info at cashper:

Apply for credit with Cashper

So, depending on the amount you want, you can choose either a micro or instant loan provider.

How do I apply for a Instant credit in Austria?

The application process for an instant loan Austria is usually online and relatively straightforward.

After deciding on a bank/provider, the process begins:

  1. Fill out form
    In the form, basic information about oneself and the desired loan is disclosed.
  2. Wait for answer
    As a rule, applications for an instant loan are answered very quickly. After 24 hours at the latest, you will know whether the loan application has been accepted.
  3. Money in the account
    Once the provider has approved the application, the money lands in your bank account within a few days (usually 2 business days). Now you can use the money!

Depending on the selected loan, monthly installments will be due. Before applying, you should make sure that you choose a sum that will not overburden you financially later on. Otherwise, there may be bottlenecks - and in the case of instant loans, the reminder fees can be very high.

On what should I with an instant loan Austria eighth?

There are some points to consider before signing an instant loan contract.

  • Interest: How much do you have to pay back? Dubious providers often hide the information - as a borrower you then have the nasty surprise.
  • Dunning fees: What happens if I am unable to pay? Will I be charged horrendous fees?
  • Speed: Is the provider really an instant loan service? Anyone who promises instant credit should also transfer the money quickly.
  • Seriousness: Is it a verified and secure provider? It is best to use a domestic or European service.

Our recommendation for instant loan Austria:

Apply for credit with Cashper

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