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What is Libra?

What is Libra?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are on everyone's lips and are being traded more and more frequently. It couldn't have taken long for Facebook to follow suit. With Libra, the social network has created its own virtual currency.

But what exactly is Libra and what makes the online money different from the other cryptocurrencies? Find out here.

This is the Facebook Coin

What is Libra: FacebookLibra is a planned private cryptocurrency to be launched in 2020.

The so-called Libra Association is behind the digital currency. It currently has 21 members. Users can buy the Libra Coin with their national currency, which means that the Facebook currency is also available with the euro.

How does Libra work?

Under the slogan 'Libra is for everyone', Facebook advertises digital money.

The principle of cryptocurrencies is that money can be transferred around the world easily and cheaply. So anyone with a smartphone or computer can access Libra. Whether Bitcoin, Ethereum or Libra: the virtual currency is praised above all for its security. Because that is guaranteed by the technology behind it: the blockchain. It makes transfers anonymous, secure and fast.

What is blockchain and how does it work?

How does Libra work?The blockchain is an innovative technology that allows transactions of any kind with a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Libra and Co.) to be tracked digitally.

This means that you can use the blockchain to conduct trade or business transactions. Even documents can be sent from A to B in encrypted form.

Mail or e-mail adé.

You can think of it as an analog cash book in which all steps of the transaction are documented. In this case, the file is called a block. Only limited transactions can be recorded in a block, then a new block is necessary. It is as if a page in the cash book is full. All blocks are linked together by an encryption technique. A chain is created, the ?chain?

Start is planned for 2020

No one can trade or pay with Libra yet. This is because the Facebook Coin is not scheduled to be launched until next year. Payments can then be made as follows:

Facebook users exchange their money into Libra. Any domestic currency is possible.

If the mobile function is connected to the user's own bank account via the smartphone, money can be exchanged digitally at any place and at any time.

Online money is stored in a virtual wallet. Facebook has named this wallet Calibra. Not only Calibra can be used, other providers are also allowed.

Libra can then be used to make payments via Messenger or WhatsApp. We already know this from PayPal: Just transfer 10 euros to a friend for the last round of beer. From 2020, this will also be possible with Libra. Facebook assures that they have no access to the transaction data. But the EU and national and international politicians doubt this.

Political criticism is raised

Libra has had a hard time since the beginning. Politicians in particular are scrutinizing the Facebook coin.

Their main criticism is that they get little insight into Zuckerberg's coin machinery.

This week, the Bundestag Finance and Digital Committee in Germany considered Libra.

Bertrand Perez was invited to Frankfurt as Chief Operating Officer. He is a board member of the current 21 members of the Libra Association. Until recently, there were 22 members, but PayPal has already left as a partner.

The meeting focused on concerns that Libra would jeopardize financial stability at launch and enter the market without clearance from Europe. Data security is seen as particularly critical.

Facebook is in debt here: The data scandals of recent years have made users more suspicious. The German government wants to regulate the launch of Libra. But the coin is not only under pressure in Germany; the Facebook currency is also facing scrutiny in the USA.

Libra Association as strong partners

Did the company anticipate headwinds? In any case, Facebook has brought strong partners on board.

To the Libra Association website

With the Libra Association, a network of 21 partners has emerged to help Libra give birth and act as mentors along the way.

But not just anyone can join the party. Candidates must be among the big players and have a market value of $1 billion. Alternatively, more than 20 million customers are also welcome. As is well known, Zuckerberg does not bake small rolls.

Those who are accepted into the Association also act as sponsors. Each partner has invested 10 million US dollars. In the summer of 2019, there were a full 28 partners, so to date Facebook has lost 7 participants, including PayPal. Why Libra got too hot for the 7 who dropped out is not known.

There should be no price fluctuations

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are known for extreme price fluctuations. Facebook definitely wants to prevent that with the launch of Libra

The company's own coins are supposed to be stable and give users planning security.

The social network plans to link the digital currency to established means of payment. A reserve fund is to store sufficient funds in US dollars, euros and yen.

Unlike Bitcoins, Libra cannot be produced by the user. Libra can only be purchased from members of the Libra Association or on cooperating trading platforms. For Facebook, entering the cryptocurrency market is a new business model.

More customers than traditional banks?

The user figures are in the realm of superlatives: 2.7 billion people are on Facebook, its subsidiary Instagram, and chat in Messenger or on WhatsApp.

The reach for digital money is therefore enormous. If just a few hundred million users were to use Libra, many a traditional bank would be green with envy. The potential is huge.

The breakthrough is initially expected in developing countries, where the currencies are already unstable and mobile payment is already established. This is still different in Austria and Germany, where hardly anyone pays via mobile wallets and prefers to use the familiar EC card or good old cash.

According to Facebook, people without an account represent another target group. So the mobile wallet could be an independent means for these people in the future. But there is a catch: Most people without an account live in China ? and Facebook is banned here. In India, cryptocurrencies are to be banned altogether.

ChecklistHow to buy coins in 5 steps

Interest aroused? You can buy coins with the following quick guide.

1. Choose a reputable trading platformwho offers the deposit method.
2. open account
3. deposit to the new account
4. trade with the domestic currency against libra
5. withdraw coins and store them in a wallet

Despite critical voices: The Group is sticking to its plans and wants to launch Libra in 2020. Further investors are welcome. Mark Zuckerberg has also recruited renowned crypto experts. We can therefore look forward with anticipation.

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