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Top 10: Earn money with game apps


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There are many ways to earn real money playing games on the Internet. The games with a payout function can either be installed on the computer, downloaded as an app to the smartphone or played via the Internet browser, for example.

The quickest way to win money is in a legal online casino, although the income from gambling should never be counted among the monthly fixed budget income. If one visits as a player the six casinos with the highest payout ratio, fun should always be in the foreground. 

All the nicer when you win after all and earn money with games. If you have your casino winnings paid out in a digital currency like Bitcoin, you can generate further income through sudden price increases. However, there are also various other ways to generate money through games. We present the top 10 gaming apps for earning money here!

Earn points in Swagbucks and exchange them for shopping vouchers 

With Swagbucks it becomes possible to earn money online by trying different games. You simply install a gaming app from the list and reach a certain game progress within a certain period of time. 

The earnings will be transferred to the gamer's account shortly after the respective game conditions are met and can either be paid out via Paypal or in the form of a shopping voucher.

Poll Pay offers favorable conditions to earn money 

After installing the Poll Pay app on iOS or Android, you can immediately select a game for which you want to get paid. In addition, however, Poll Pay also offers the option, Participate in paid surveys for an expense allowance

The surveys there are paid above average compared to other providers. From an amount of five euros, the earnings can be paid out as a voucher or via Paypal.

Freecash pays by playing time and scores with low payout limits

The Freecash system also works according to a similar principle. After registering, you pick games that are rewarded with compensation of up to 20 euros per hour of work. 

Besides Paypal and a voucher payment, you can also withdraw your earned money from Freecash in Bitcoin and other currencies. Unlike other providers, you do not have to first accumulate a minimum amount of capital for a payout.

Mistplay relies on one character

As with the other games where you can earn easy money online, Mistplay also has certain reward offers for reaching level goals or other game objectives. 

Small amounts starting at 50 cents can be paid out to players as a voucher or directly as a transfer to the Visa prepaid credit card. The income depends on success and can be generated even faster with a high level of the game character.

Pool Payday: 8 Ball Billiards requires a deposit to play 

Similar to an online casino, players must first invest a certain amount of money in Pool Payday: 8 Ball Billards in order to play for real money at the virtual pool table. The game is available for Android and Apple phones, and players can withdraw their earnings via Paypal around the clock. 

The amount of winnings in online billiards depends entirely on the skill of the player and is therefore extremely variable.

Blackout Bingo works like real bingo in a social setting 

Just like in classic bingo, you can buy a ticket for real money in this gaming app. The course of the individual game rounds is the same as in the well-known bingo game, which is extremely popular with young and old. In Blackout Bingo, the bingo players who win the most are those who go into the game with a well thought-out strategy and can also quickly tap on the cell phone monitor.

Solitaire Cube offers a payout from 10 ? 

If you want to pay out less than this minimum amount of your earnings, you have to pay a surcharge in Solitaire Cube, which minimizes the winnings accordingly. How much you can win in one of the exciting Solitaire card game rounds in the best case depends on the respective stake. In this pay-out game, which is available for all mobile operating systems, the transactions take place via the payment service provider Paypal.

Blitz 21 is similar to Blackjack, but adds a lucrative time factor 

Not only fans of mobile gaming will be convinced by this app, which allows you to earn money by playing games on the side. Blitz 21 can also be played via the Internet browser, and all earnings are paid out via Paypal from a winning amount of 10 ? The opponents in the game can be found anywhere in the world, for particularly fast or talented players there are bonus points to clear off.

Make revenue easier to plan with Testerheld 

Also these App offers jobs for game testerswhich you can choose flexibly. Usually, the game must then be installed and played through to a certain degree in order to receive a payment of around 10 ? 

From a value of 55 ? all earnings can be paid out via bank transfer or as a voucher. The special feature of this software is the transparent display of the expected playing time, so that possible monthly income can be better calculated.

Dominoes Gold offers players a learning function 

Playing dominoes is about quickly recognizing mooring systems and thus being able to secure an advantage over your opponents. Dominoes Gold offers a learning function for inexperienced domino players, in which you can practice at your leisure without betting your own money. 

After you have deposited the stake yourself, you can immediately compete against players around the world in exciting rounds of games and win real money. Depending on the amount of the stake, the remuneration also increases, payouts are possible from an amount of 10 ? and can also be granted as a voucher.

Purchases with money from gaming apps and additional loan 

If you would like to finance part of the purchase sum for larger purchases with a loan, you will find many tips for loans here on Tarifgigant. It is perfectly possible in Austria to take out a Credit to obtain despite KSV. 

It is often possible to compensate for a poor credit rating by taking out a credit card contract if the overdraft limit is set like a Instant credit is used. With this type of spontaneous Mini loan However, the conditions are often so bad that a debt restructuring can quickly pay off.

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