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Watch Formula 1 in Germany ? Possibilities in 2023


Millions of racing fans in Germany love the thrill of the sport and would love to watch Formula 1 in Germany in 2023 as well. But unfortunately, since 2021, Formula 1 has only been available to stream on free TV to a limited extent. Where in the German free TV 2023 the four free races (according to Sky TV license agreement) are transmitted, is not yet determined. [...]

Here you will find the calendar to Formula 1 2024 in Germany to look

Watching Formula 1 in Germany via a VPN is child's play
About a VPN Formula 1 in Germany is child's play: Download software* and install, select server, call SRF or ORF page.

To get around this problem and watch all the Formula 1 races in Germany, you can use a VPN to Austrian or Swiss broadcasters free of charge. Besides this legal possibility of streaming you can also access the media library of Servus TV via the Tor browser or a Sky Subscription complete. This is because all races are also broadcast on Sky Sport F1. However, at 17.50 euros per month, the subscription is very expensive. What's more, you can't watch the Formula 1 legal even without Sky look. Therefore, we will first take a closer look at the other two variants VPN and Tor.

All live races of the Formula 1 season 2023 at a glance

Here you can find out which Formula 1 races you can watch in Germany on Free TV, and which ones you can watch on ORF, ServusTV or SRF via a VPN. To do this, you connect with a VPN on a Austrian or Swiss Server and can then Stream ORF and SRF for free.

In the articles Bypass ORF encryption and Servus TV Bypass encryption you will learn several proven methods how to bypass the providers' geo-locks legally and for free.

DateGrand PrixRouteTransmitter
March 05BahrainSakhirServusTV
March 19Saudi ArabiaJeddahORF
April 02AustraliaMelbourneServusTV
April 16OpenOpenOpen
April 30AzerbaijanBakuORF
07 mayMiamiMiamiORF
May 21Emilia RomagnaImolaServusTV
May 28MonacoMonte CarloServusTV
04 JuneSpainBarcelonaORF
June 18CanadaMontrealServusTV
July 02AustriaSpielbergORF & ServusTV
09 JulyGreat BritainSilverstoneORF
July 23HungaryBudapestORF
July 30BelgiumSpa-FrancorchampsServusTV
August 27NetherlandsZandvoortServusTV
03 SeptemberItalyMonzaORF
September 17SingaporeSingaporeServusTV
September 24JapanSuzukaORF
08 OctoberQatarLosailORF
October 22USAAustinServusTV
October 29MexicoMexico CityORF
November 05BrazilSão PauloServusTV
November 18Las VegasLas VegasServusTV
November 26Abu DhabiYas MarinaORF
Formula 1 Calendar 2023

Watch Formula 1 2023 in Germany via a VPN

A VPN makes it possible for your Internet connection to look like it comes from another country. Therefore, you can easily bypass online blocks that restrict what content you can see. There are countless free and paid VPNs. For streaming Formula 1 races in high resolution, you should turn to a high-quality VPN like NorthVPN* grab. If you are low on money and willing to sacrifice quality, you can alternatively find the Best free VPN in a separate guide.

Using a VPN, you can watch Formula 1 in Germany in high quality, completely free of ads on SRF or ORF. Thanks to the high speeds of the Nordlynx protocol, you will be able to stream with NorthVPN* I did not notice any jerking or dropouts. The quality of the transmission is comparable to Sky, but you get the VPN at a fraction of the cost.

Free TV: RTL exits in 2023

In Germany, Formula 1 will only be broadcast to a very limited extent in 2023. Only 4 of the 24 races will be broadcast on free TV, with countless commercial breaks. It has not yet been decided exactly which broadcaster will be responsible for this. RTL has recently had a dispute with Sky and will no longer broadcast the 2023 races. Negotiations are underway between Sky and Pro7, as well as with ARD and ZDF.

VPN works without problems

About the foreign stations Servus TV, the ORF and the SRF all 24 Formula 1 races in 2023 will also be shown in Germany. And that's largely without advertising. In order to be able to see in 2023 the Formula 1 to watch in Germany, you can access the media library of the channels Servus TV, the ORF or the Swiss SRF via Austrian or Swiss servers.

The VPN will then assign you a IP address from Austria or Switzerland, and you can immediately watch all contents of the media library. First download the VPN software to your PC, TV or smartphone. In the second step, select a server in Austria (or Switzerland) and connect to it. Next, go to the homepage of ORF, ServusTV or SRF. Here you should now be able to watch the livestream without error messages and thus also watch Formula 1 in Germany.

Watching Formula 1 in Germany via a VPN is child's play
Watching Formula 1 in Germany via a VPN is child's play: Download software* and install, select server, call SRF or ORF page.

Watch Formula 1 on Swiss and Austrian channels via TOR Browser

Not recommended method to watch formula in Germany: no privacy and slow speed

The Servus TV Encryption ist is only extremely weak even in 2023. While ORF blocks traffic via the Tor browser, ServusTV encryption can still be bypassed with the TOR browser. To do so, you have to place the last node in Austria or Switzerland. To do this, add the following in the Torrc file located in the installation directory of your Tor browser, add the following line:

ExitNodes {at} StrictNodes 1 // for Austria
ExitNodes {ch} StrictNodes 1 // for Switzerland

This causes Tor to set the last node in Austria. The "1" means that TOR will not allow an alternative country if a node in Austria is not available. For detailed instructions on how to configure the Tor browser, see this WikiHow.

Watch Formula 1 in Germany with Sky

Sky offers a comparatively expensive subscription service for all 23 Formula 1 races. This includes coverage of all F1 races and qualifying sessions . For those who want to watch Formula 1 in Germany, this may be an alternative. However, at 17.50 ? per month, the subscription is very expensive.

Watch Formula 1 in Germany: Conclusion

In this article we have introduced you to several methods for Watch Formula 1 in Germany. Here you can find a summary of the possibilities:

1. Free TV: watch 4/24 races; possibly with a lot of advertising

Four races will be broadcast free of charge on free TV in 2023. Since RTL will no longer broadcast F1 in 2023 due to disputes with the license holder Sky, the races will be broadcast on Pro 7 or ARD/ZDF.

2. Tor browser: watch 12/24 races; lots of ads

you can configure the last node of the Tor browser to be in Austria and then stream ServusTV for free. ORF and SRF cannot be streamed via TOR, because they detect and block the traffic. Nevertheless, you can still watch 11 of the 23 races with this method.

3. Sky: Watch ALL races; without advertising, expensive

Of course, you can also just watch all F1 races on Sky. This solution works fine, but is very expensive compared to the alternatives,

4. VPN: Watch ALL races; without advertising, favorable

RECOMMENDATIONWith a VPN you can watch all F1 races in Germany in comparable quality to Sky directly, but at a fraction of the cost. For a high speed and a good streaming experience at the Formula 1 spectacle is NorthVPN* recommended.

*Affiliate Link: If you go through one of these links from my website to a provider, I may receive a commission. There will be no additional costs for you. For the use of these links a ?? HEARTFELT THANK YOU! ??

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