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Smartphones with long battery life: Top 4


Nowadays, buyers have a number of requirements for their future smartphones: It should be fast, look nice, have a high screen quality and take nice photos. However, by far the most frequently expressed wish is that the smartphone should have a long battery life.

Although smartphones have become more and more powerful due to the progress in technology, we often have the feeling that batteries have taken a step backwards: Whereas a cell phone battery used to last several days, today it often has to be plugged in again after just one working day.

In this article, we present 4 smartphones with a long battery life, where you do not have to constantly keep an eye on the battery level.

Smartphone with good battery

Top 4 Smartphones with long battery life

1. Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Xiaomi Mi Max 2Those who like phablets will love the Xiaomi Mi Max 2: The 6.44-inch device is not expensive, offers good performance, and also scores well (compared with other smartphones) in terms of weight and camera. Only the performance in gaming apps leaves something to be desired now and then. If you can overlook that, you get a smartphone with an enormous battery life.

Battery capacity: 5,300 mAh
Battery life:
51 hours (telephony) / 12:30 hours (3G surfing) / 56 hours (standby)

>> View Xiaomi Mi 2 at >>

2. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 ProThe Huawei Mate 10 Pro is considerably more expensive, but you get a device with a high-resolution display, high performance, and a fast touchscreen. Users who want a good battery life and also want to play games on the device from time to time should opt for the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The only negative thing we noticed was that there is no jack, just like in the new iPhone, and wireless headphones are required.

Battery capacity: 4,000 mAh
Battery life:
48 hours (telephony) / 14:30 hours (3G surfing) / 50 hours (standby)

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3. OnePlus 5

The new flagship model from OnePlus also promises a long battery life, although the internal battery is not exactly huge. Various tests show that the new OnePlus 5 has managed the balancing act between acceptable battery size and appealing runtime. Besides the battery life, the ultra-fast Snapdragon processor and the high-quality camera are immediately noticed in the OnePlus 5.

Battery capacity: 3,300 mAh
Battery life:
25 hours (telephony) / 6:30 hours (3G surfing) / 52 hours (standby)


4. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8After 7 Galaxy models Samsung After 7 Galaxy models, Samsung has already gained a lot of experience and packed it into the new Galaxy S8. The Samsung smartphone looks chic, has a high-quality feel (unlike some predecessors) and the size is also okay. Samsung Galaxy devices are especially popular among photo fans because Samsung's camera quality is almost always unbeatable. This is also the case with the S8. The battery dimensions of the S8 might have been even bigger if the Note 7 debacle had not happened last year (see "Samsung Galaxy"): Note 7 Explosion caught on camera).

Battery capacity: 3,000 mAh
Battery life: 
9:50 hours (WiFi surfing) / 20 hours (telephony)

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