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Cancel cell phone contract: The template for all providers


Cancellation Template Post ImagePretty mean, actually: While it only takes a few clicks to get a new cell phone contract, canceling your old cell phone plan takes a lot of effort. It's not enough to just give the provider a quick call - a termination letter is required! Our Cancellation Template helps you get out of any contract.

In order to avoid any ambiguity and to prevent the unintentional continuation of the tariff despite the termination letter, we have adapted our template to all norms and rules, so that termination should occur in any case.

If you are unsure, we recommend contacting the provider by phone. You can find the phone numbers for all Austrian providers below.

Cancellation Template for All Mobile Service Providers

Our team has created a cancellation template that fits all cell phone providers. You can download the template as a Word document or as a Pages document (for Mac OS) and then edit it. All gray colored passages must be changed by you.

Download Termination Template for Word Now (.docx)

Cancellation Template for Pages Download Now (.pages)

Mobile operator addresses

(Selection of the most popular providers in Austria)


Phone number: 0800 664 100

A1 Telekom Austria AG
PO Box 1001
A-1020 Vienna


Phone number: 0800 676 661

T-Mobile Austria GmbH
PO Box 676
1031 Vienna

3 Hutchison

Phone number: 0660 303030

Hutchison Three Austria GmbH
PO Box 333
1211 Vienna


Phone number: 0677 60016770

HoT Telekom and Service GmbH
PO Box 28
1121 Vienna


Phone number: 0800 650 661

T-Mobile Austria GmbH
Tele.ring service
PO Box 1012
1031 Vienna


Phone number: 0680 600 600

A1 Telekom Austria
bob service
PO Box 0680
1010 Vienna

Alliance Sim

Phone number: 0677 6002 1860

ATK Telekom and Service GmbH
PO Box 1860
1121 Vienna

Red Bull Mobile

Phone number: 0800 664 750

A1 Telekom Austria AG
RedBull Mobile
PO Box 0750
1011 Vienna


Phone number: 0820 810 810

A1 Telekom Austria AG
PO Box 99
1211 Vienna

After you have entered the address of your mobile provider, it is important to enter your current phone number and customer number (as in the template). This way, the provider knows which products are to be cancelled.

If you want to cancel only a part of the contract (e.g. additional packages), you have to reword the text a bit. Then not all products will be canceled, but only those that you have specified in the cancellation letter.

Old contract canceled but not yet found a new one?
We recommend you to have a look at our comparison tables.

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