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Cancel online: This is how it's done


Cancel onlineThere are many reasons why you might want to cancel a contract.

Such reasons can be, for example, that you are simply no longer satisfied with the company's service, the tariff has become too expensive or you simply don't want to do it anymore (best example: gym).

But what's the quickest way to get rid of the annoying contract? Is it even possible to cancel online?

Many companies try to make the cancellation process as cumbersome and complicated as possible; after all, they want the customer to stay with the company as long as possible.

While signing up is often done immediately, cancelling can usually take weeks.

In the following article, we will show you how to cancel your contract online as quickly as possible - regardless of whether you want to cancel a cell phone plan, a gym membership or an online subscription.

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Cancel online: Step by step

Tariff Giant Tip: To ensure that the termination really works out, you should avoid any mistakes. Companies like to look for reasons not to accept the termination.
  1. Find the e-mail address of the provider: The cancellation should - logically - be sent to the correct address. Therefore, you have to find the right termination address of the company. A look in our list or to Google is enough.
  2. Formulate appropriate email: The email should briefly and crisply inform the provider that you wish to unsubscribe or cancel all services. This template helps with that.
  3. Send email
  4. Send email again in case: If the company has not responded, you should send the e-mail again in any case. It is important to request confirmation of the cancellation and to insist on rapid processing.
  5. Send email a third time: If the company still does not respond, customer service should be contacted (by phone) and the e-mail sent a third time. Recommendation: Threaten legal action in the event of further non-response.

Does a provider have to provide a Accept online cancellation?


According to this standard article it is not mandatory in Austria for companies to accept notice of termination by e-mail.

Thus, unfortunately, there are still some companies that accept cancellation only by fax or mail.

In our opinion, this is outdated and extremely customer-unfriendly - but that's what the law says.

Do I need to include in the notice Signature?


Cancellation Template Post Image

The provider may require a signature. However, this can also be created digitally, with the mouse or on the smartphone.

At it is possible, for example, to upload the finished PDF notice and then sign it using the mouse or trackpad.

This PDF can then be sent to the company in question.

When does a Special right of termination?

This is regulated differently from industry to industry.

At Mobile phone contracts For example, you have a special right of termination if you move to a place where the network is not available or if the contract becomes more expensive. In this case, however, the provider usually has to send an information letter.

At Gyms things are a little different: If you can no longer go to the studio due to injury or if you move, you have a special right of termination. Other health reasons can also be considered.

Where to do I have to send the email?

As explained above, there is usually a special e-mail address for notices.

Often a simple Google operation is enough to find the right address.

In our contribution Cancel cell phone contract we have collected the addresses of the 9 most popular Austrian providers.

Who can I contact if the Provider not responded?

Unfortunately, it happens time and again that providers do not respond to notices of termination.

Then a conciliation board will help.

In Austria, these are free mediators who are supposed to settle disputes between consumers and companies.

Arbitration bodies in Austria:

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