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What is a VPN?

What is a VPN tunnel?

Snoopers and hackers can often grab sensitive data from the Internet without much effort and thus endanger your security. Your data is valuable and you should protect it from prying eyes. A VPN tunnel, similar to a real tunnel, puts a protective cloak over your data traffic and thus fends off prying eyes. In this article you will learn [...]

Surf the Internet anonymously

Surf the Internet anonymously: Guide

In the age of the Internet, anonymity is not always guaranteed. Nowadays, we are constantly surrounded by so many technical devices that we can't always be sure whether someone isn't eavesdropping via one of the microphones in smartphones, laptops or computers. Especially when surfing the Internet, anonymity is [...].

VPN Austria

VPN Austria: Austrian IP address for abroad

Anyone who travels frequently knows the problem all too well: many Austrian websites cannot be accessed outside of Europe. The reasons for this are manifold. Sometimes the call is denied for licensing reasons (e.g. streaming providers), sometimes pages are censored. Tourists in Asia, for example, are often greeted by blocking websites, as countries such as China or Thailand, as part of [...]