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Which tariff suits me? - 2022-Austria

Which tariff suits me? Austria

No matter whether you turn on the radio, the TV or the PC: Everywhere you go you are bombarded by advertising for Cell phone tariffs slain. Although there is so much advertising, it is very difficult to find the ideal tariff. Some people like to make phone calls, others love to surf, and still others prefer to do everything at once.

In the Austrian tariff jungle, there are very many contracts and Prepaid cards. The many new providers (HoT, MediaMarkt Mobil, eety, etc.) make the chaos perfect.

Which tariff suits me?

Which tariff suits me?

I like to surf.

Fortunately, there are more and more rates with high data volumes for frequent surfers. Some providers (e.g., yesss!) even offer true flat-rate plans with unlimited data. The yesss! tariff is also available as a prepaid card offer.

What is important in rates for frequent surfers?

  • Check the data volume - the more data, the better.
  • Which network do I surf on? The many new providers are only "virtual" and you actually surf on the networks of A1, T-Mobile or Drei. Example: With yesss! you surf on the A1 network.
  • What happens if I use too much data? Will the speed only be throttled or do I have to pay more?
  • Can I buy additional data volume?

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I like to talk on the phone.

If you like to make a lot of calls, you need a rate with lots of free minutes. Nowadays, a small data volume should also be included so that messaging and sending videos/photos via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. is also possible.

1000 minutes should be enough even for frequent callers. If that is too little for you from experience, you can get a rate with unlimited minutes. This includes the "3 TOP SIM" rate, for example. You can find this and more offers in the comparison table Cell phone tariffs for average users.

If you want to use your cell phone to 100% for making calls and you don't need Internet, you can use the Lyca Mobile voice value cards dodge.

I want full cost control.

If you want a completely transparent tariff without opaque monthly costs, you should get a Prepaid card get. There are now a number of inexpensive and good prepaid card rates. The advantage is that there is no commitment, you can theoretically change the rate every month and you only pay if you have topped up the prepaid card yourself using a receipt.

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How do I change my tariff?

In order for the tariff change to be successful, you should follow the following 3 steps.

1. cancel your old contract. You can do this by writing a letter of termination. A template for this is usually available as a PDF on the website of the provider concerned.

2. get a NÜV information. In order to keep the phone number, you have to get a "NÜV information" from your old provider and give it to the new provider.

3. register your new contract/purchase your new prepaid card. We recommend that you take this step online. Here you usually get an "online bonus" with which you can save money.

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