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What is T-Mobile's Like Me Want SIM?


T-Mobile Austria has been offering the Like-Me-Want SIM for some time now. This is supposed to be more flexible and better for customers. But what is the Like-Me-Will SIM and what advantages does it offer in everyday life?

In our first blog post, we look into this very question. You'll also find out what "flexible units" are and why this SIM is particularly suitable for frequent surfers.

How-I-Will-SIM: Explanation

At first glance, the SIM appears to be a normal prepaid SIM. Prepaid card. The credit can be topped up either automatically on a monthly basis or manually. You can get top-up vouchers in stores, gas stations or buy credit online via online bank transfer or credit card. There is no commitment - as soon as there is no more money on the prepaid card, the services are discontinued (until you top up again).

There are currently two MY KLAX FLEX tariffs: One for 15? per month and one for 10? per month. The former gives you 10,000 flexible units, the latter only 4,000. In theory, you can switch tariffs every 30 days.

What are "flexible units"?

With normal cell phone rates, you usually have fixed units - that means, for example, 1,000 free minutes, 500 free text messages and 5 GB of free data.

The situation is different for a rate plan with flexible units. The T-Mobile MY KLAX FLEX rate for 15?, for example, gives you 10,000 flexible units. You can use these as you wish.

The following applies: A unit is

  • 1 MB
  • 1 SMS
  • 1 minute.

That's pretty handy, since every month is a little different. Sometimes you use more free minutes, sometimes more free MB. By the way, for 5? you get 1,000 flexible units in addition.

Where can I get the How I Want SIM?

T-Mobile is currently the only Austrian mobile carrier to offer a rate plan with flexible units. You can get the Wie-I-Will-SIM for example. online at, in a T-Mobile store or in another electronics store.

Since it is a prepaid card, there is no commitment and the registration is anonymous. Once you spend 15? on a FLEX plan, it is valid for 30 days.

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