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Switching accounts: How to switch your account in 4 easy steps


Many price comparison sites and comparisons in the press show that you no longer have to pay a lot of money for a checking account. Many accounts are even available without a monthly account management fee - completely free of charge. So it's worth comparing and researching, after all the Account change completed quickly, and low-cost banks usually also offer a high level of service.

In the following article we will show you step-by-step how to switch your account.

Account change

Before the change: This is important

Before you even decide on an account, you need to look at the terms and conditions. What does this financial institution offer me? Are the monthly account maintenance fees justified or should I opt for a free checking account?

The decision is helped above all by a Current account comparison. In our table we present the currently 5 most recommendable accounts in Austria. There, all advantages and disadvantages are shown at a glance.

Important questions when switching accounts

  • How often do I withdraw money? (some banks have a limit for free withdrawals).
  • Where do I withdraw money? (only in the euro area or worldwide)
  • Do I need start-up bonuses and additional offers?
  • Is online banking enough for me or do I want a branch and an advisor?
  • Do I need an account with or without an overdraft facility?

Once you've answered all these questions, checked out all the additional conditions on the provider's website and agree, it's time to switch banks.

How to change your account

1. compare the offers of the banks

For this purpose we recommend a comparison table, e.g. the Table of the best current accounts in Austria on

2. register & fill in forms

Depending on the bank, you can request your new checking account online or at the counter. It is important that you have a photo ID at hand so that you can confirm your identity. With online banks (e.g. N26), you will be called by a service employee via video telephony. You then have a short conversation with them and are asked to hold your passport up to the camera.

3. transfer credit from the old account to the new one

After the registration is done and you have access to online banking, you can transfer the money from the previous bank to the new account.

4. cancel old account

As soon as there is no more money on the old account, all receipts have been redirected to the new account (e.g. salary and other sources of income) and the direct debits are made to the new account, the old account can be cancelled.

The best way to do this is with a letter of termination. With the Colleagues from you can get a free template for the termination download.


After the cancellation of the old account has been confirmed by the bank, you have successfully completed the account change. Enjoy better conditions and cheaper banking!

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