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What should you look for in a VPN?

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN NordVPN Static IP

Here we present some tips on what you should consider when choosing a VPN. The security of a VPN is guaranteed by the transmission protocols and encryption mechanisms used. But also precautions like kill switches in case of server failure, a strict no-logs policy and a correct and regularly maintained server configuration are essential if you want to stay safe on the net.

Watch Formula 1 without Sky (completely legal & free)

Watching Formula 1 in Germany via a VPN is child's play

Seit 2021 werden die Formel 1 Rennen in Deutschland nur noch beim Pay-Sender Sky übertragen. Für RTL waren die Lizenzgebühren zu hoch. Dennoch gibt es mehrere legale Möglichkeiten, in 2022 die Formel 1 ohne Sky zu sehen. Denn die deutschsprachigen Sender SRF aus der Schweiz sowie der ORF und ServusTV aus Österreich übertragen die F1-Rennen weiterhin […]

Free VPN - The 11 best permanent free VPN

Free VPN

With a free VPN, you get online security and anonymity without the cost. However, you should know how the business model of free VPN providers works: If the provider tries to cover his costs by selling your data, the attempt to gain anonymity on the net backfires. Therefore I show [...]

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN: One wins the ultimate comparison

NorthVPN vs ExpressVPN

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two leading providers in the field of VPNs. Therefore, in this comparison, I put the features of ExpressVPN and NordVPN to the test. This will help us find out which of the two VPNs is more suitable for various tasks in 2022. In addition, I relentlessly uncover the disadvantages of the VPNs. Thus, in the end [...]

How to bypass ORF encryption - 2 methods

ORF Encryption Bypass Guide

ORF is also popular abroad, which is why many people want to bypass ORF encryption. Especially in Germany, many are looking for ways to receive Austrian broadcasting. Understandable, because the channels of the ORF show movies without commercial breaks, many different sporting events and offer first-class news programs. Unfortunately, the ORF is encrypted. This means that you can't watch the channel [...]

Wireguard Protocol: Problems with Vodafone - How it works (Nordlynx)

Wireguard Nordlynx problems: it's the 4in6 tunnel from Ds-Lite

If you have a cable connection from Vodafone, Unitymedia or eazy, it is often not possible to load pages when Wireguard/NordLynx is set as the VPN protocol. The problems in connection with Vodafone cable and Wireguard/Nordlynx is known at NordVPN. The VPN provider commented on my inquiry as follows: "Vodafone blocks Wireguard/NordLynx connections". Feedback from the support [...].

Streaming series and movies illegally? - All about the situation in Austria

Series streaming illegal

Although has been offline for years, new streaming sites keep popping up online offering movies and videos for free. Many readers were interested in whether streaming movies and series is illegal. Therefore, we are once again investigating the question: "Is series streaming illegal? For many, series and movies streaming is also a convenient and especially [...]

How to bypass ServusTV encryption - 3 methods

In this guide, you will learn which two methods you can use to bypass the ServusTV encryption outside of Austria. ServusTV broadcasts Formula 1 races, which are no longer available on free TV via RTL in Germany since 2021. But ServusTV from Austria can also be received in Germany and other countries. We present 2 methods [...]

How do I get a German IP address? (VPN Germany)


Austrians will be familiar with the situation: Whether you surf to the site of a well-known German TV station or to another German portal - many sites are only permitted for Germans. If you access these websites from abroad, you are greeted with a friendly message: "This service is not available in your country". With a VPN, you can bypass [...]

Hide IP address: Guide

Hide IP address

Every computer in the world can be uniquely identified by its IP address. Websites can use the IP to see where the user is coming from, for example. Authorities can use the IP to find out which person the Internet connection is registered to and initiate investigations. But that's not all - criminals can also use the IP address of Internet users to find out a lot and cause damage. [...]