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Side jobs from home: Earn money on the side Austria

Side jobs from home guide

Professions that mainly take place at the computer or laptop are often well suited as side jobs from home. It doesn't matter whether the side job from home takes the form of self-employment or as an employee for a company. To earn money on the side, there are numerous opportunities in Austria, of which we have collected the most lucrative ones here [...]

Bitcoin halving is coming: here's what bitcoin investors can expect now

Bitcoin Halving

Note: This article was published on 07.05.2020. If you take a look at the news and various social networks, one thing quickly becomes clear: In recent weeks, interest in Bitcoin has risen significantly again. A decisive reason for this is the Bitcoin Halving, which awaits us (from the current perspective - 07.05.2020) on May 12, 2020. This [...]

Gambling via app: mobile games are so popular!

Gambling via app: mobile games are so popular!

Our cell phones have long since left behind the days when they were used exclusively for making phone calls or communicating via short messages. Instead, we tend to get the impression that we're all grown up with our cell phones and spend most of the day staring at their displays. In fact, this perception is not all that wrong. Our cell phone [...]

What is LTE Advanced / 4G+?

LTE Advanced

In the fall of 2013, the frequencies for the then new mobile communications hope LTE were auctioned off in Austria. In an auction that is still viewed critically by many today, A1, T-Mobile and Drei snatched up the frequencies that are important for LTE. A few months later, the expansion and conversion of cell phone towers for the new technology began. In the meantime, [...]

Open a share deposit account: The guide for Austria

Open a share deposit account in Austria

Opening a share deposit account is easier than ever in the age of the Internet. A few clicks are all it takes to start your own securities account for shares, ETFs and co. Even within Austria, there are now a growing number of online brokers that allow every online user to start their own securities account. Anyone who wants to trade on the stock exchange [...]

Ping calls from abroad: How to react?

Ping calls from abroad

Recently, so-called "ping calls" have been occurring more and more frequently among Austrian mobile customers. These are calls from abroad that usually ring for only a few seconds and then stop immediately. The calls are made by automated computers that simply call one random number after another. Thus, it can sometimes happen that in a few seconds [...]

How to invest 10,000? Use current crisis?

For many investors, 10,000 euros represents the basic amount at which it is worthwhile to start looking intensively at investment opportunities. In contrast to smaller amounts, 10,000 euros can be more broadly diversified than smaller investment sums. The keyword "costs" plays a very important role here: Since online brokers are more expensive in terms of transaction and order fees [...]

The new iPhone SE: Inexpensive alternative?

Apple introduced the new iPhone SE on April 15, 2020. Dubbed the "Corona iPhone" by many, the iPhone SE is supposed to be a cheap alternative to Apple's current flagship models, i.e. the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. In this country, it is supposed to cost just 479? Those who want to exchange it for an older model will only pay [...].

Buy or trade gold: Great guide

Buy gold

Whenever there is talk of stable means of payment that are also supposed to be crisis-proof, the topic of gold comes up very quickly in many discussions. It is true that gold is also subject to fluctuations - but in times of crisis, gold usually increases in value quickly because people are then looking for a safe haven. If you believe financial experts, [...]

Instant credit Austria: Fast loans for all?

Instant Loan Austria

Everybody needs a financial grant from time to time. Sometimes the car breaks down, sometimes you urgently want a new smartphone. When there is not enough money in the account, more and more private individuals take out an instant loan. This is a loan with a smaller sum of money that you get relatively quickly and then gradually pay off. But is it worth [...]